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*First Day Of Practice Will Be February 19, 2020 At 6:45PM*

Thimsha Youth Sports Staff



Youth Sports (TYS) Track & Field organization focuses on a wide range of youths – from the elite athlete to the beginner, and all levels in between. Regardless of their level, each Tiger athlete is trained to maximize his/her individual potential. Our competitive youth athletes – ages 4 through 17 – learn the various aspects of track and field with event-specific skills training.  Age group participation, along with specialized training techniques help our athletes enhance their performance in competition.  NOTE: In order to participate, your child must be the age of 4 no later than December 31, 2019.

Our general fitness athletes find track and field a great way to increase fitness levels, or get in shape for sports such as soccer, football and basketball. Regardless of their motivation TYS Track and Field Team provides a safe and fun environment for everyone to get moving.

Success to TYS is more than just winning a race, or setting a new record in the long jump -- it’s about developing character. Communication and goal setting are a key factors to our club’s and athletes’ success.  We work with our athletes and parents to establish appropriate goals for track and field, school and family life.

TYS program will teach every athlete that in order to reach their full potential they must apply themselves intelligently and consistently. Providing a healthy, learning atmosphere that stresses this will positively impact our athletes for a lifetime. That’s our ultimate measure of success.

Thimsha Registrations & Donations

Note:  ***Early Sign up fee is $225.00 plus $25.00 fundraising fee.  Starts December 1, 2019 til January 31, 2020.  This fee must be paid in full by end of January or you will be subject to the regular fee.
Sign up fees for the upcoming 2020 Track Season will be $250.00 Registration fee, plus $25.00 fundraising fee along with a $2.00 Processing fee, (for credit card machine usage) Total: $277.00 No Exceptions, 'NO' Refunds!!!

Please go to the Forms Menu to Complete the Registration:

1. Athlete Contract
2. Medical Form
3. Code of Conduct

* If this is your first Year running for Thimsha Tigers, we will need a copy of  one of these items, your Birth Certificate (not the giraffe one), School Record, Shot Record, Passport.*

Please make sure you Fax all completed forms to Fax Number: 818-899-6406, Scan and email them to Thimshaluv28@Gmail.Com or mail them to 8309 Laurel Canyon Blvd. #348, SunValley CA 91352

All Payments and Donations can be paid on Line by hitting the Donation Button below and it will take you to PayPal in the Memo Area Please enter the Athletes First and Last Name and the Reference Information for your Donation. 

Thank you!

Sign Ups & Donate For 2020 Thimsha Track Season By Pressing Donate Button. Also Please Scan And Send Receipt To Thimsha Email Address.

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