General Information:

Many  Members  in Thimsha Youth Sports organization  are new this  year  and  unfamiliar with conference  and  club  operations.  This web site will address the most  commonly  asked questions. If you have additional questions, please feel free to ask any member  of   the  Board   of  Directors  or  Coaching Staff.

Track And Field Information

To  help  answer  some of  your questions  regarding track and  field and  that pertaining to the athletes or parents, or  the Thimsha Youth Sports  organization  Please  select from  the list  below or you may  contact us by email for  additional  answers to other  questions  you may have.

What to Eat Before a meet?

In  preparation  for  a  big  track  meet,  it  is  always  good  to load  up  on carbs (pasta, pancakes, etc…). During the meet one should  not  over eat before they  run. 

Things to eat are:
-Fruit, Lunchables, etc
-Lots of liquids are good, mainly water                                  

Things that are not god for an athlete’s performance are:
-Candy, Soda, etc…

Another Tip: One should not eat 30 minutes before a race. Before consuming anything, the athlete should consult his / her coach to determine if they are  scheduled for an event.


There  are five  divisions in the Valley Conference. Each child will be placed in divisions  according   to  their age, No exceptions.  If  birth  certificates  are not clear copies, we will request the original.  It is the parent’s responsibility to give their  child’s  correct proof of age.  If proof  of age is  found to be incorrect, the child  will be removed from the team for the rest of the year.  The age divisions are as shown below:

Division / Age
Gremlin (Boys/Girls)                          4-7
Bantam (Boys/Girls)                          8-9
Midget (Boys/Girls)                           10-11  
Youth (Boys/Girls)                             12-13
Intermediate (Boys/Girls)                  14-15
Young (Men/Women)                        16-18  

Your child will be placed in a division depending  on his/her age as of December 31, 2015. If your child  turned 8 years old on January 1, 2016 or later, he/she will run as a 7 year old Gremlin.

Lost & Found
Misplaced Clothes / Items

During  the season we will  maintain a  lost and  found for misplaced and left clothing and items.  We as  the  parent,  athletes,   and   coaches  will  police  the field  for sweats, shoes, clothes, etc… Any items left on the field.


Practices  will  be  held  at  Bishop  Alemany  High School 11111 North  Alemany  Dr., Mission Hills  Ca 91345.   February and March schedule practice  days   are:  Monday,  Tuesday,  Wednesday,  Thursday. Practice will  start at 6:00pm  and end at approximately  8:00 - 8:15pm.  We  highly recommend that parents arrive on  time at 7:45pm to pick – up   their  children.  The schedules starting March 14th is Monday,  Tuesday,  Thursday. Practice will  start  at  6:00pm and  end  at  approx.  8:00 - 8:15pm. Once  again we  recommend   that parents  arrive  at 7:45pm to pick up their  children and please be patient  if  practice  is  ending,  Thank  you.  If  rain   falls  before practice  and  threw out the afternoon  and  evening,  there  will be no  practice that day.  We will try and  do a make-up  if  possible. 

If   rain  is  predicted,  please  remain  with  you  child   until   the coaching  staff  makes a decision. Remember we have an all whether track, which means most practices and track meets will continue unless there is lightening.  If  it’s  an extremely cold  day, practice  may  end  early.  Consult  your  coach  before departing the practice field.   

What is Certification

Each  athlete  must be certified as part of Thimsha Youth Sports   before  he / she  is  allowed  to  participate  in  the  Valley Conference   track   competition.  To  be  certified  the  parent  or guardian of the athlete must complete a contract, provide proof of age, medical release  form and code of conduct.   


~ Final Certification Date is March 14th, 2016... ~

How Parents/Volunteers Can Assist The Club

This organization is made up of all volunteers (no one is paid). Each family is required to help at home and away meets, during practices and away meets.  If needed we normally require assistance in the following areas:

Tag Pullers
Club Equipment
Running Events @ Meets
Team Parents
Zone Judges
Ribbon Writers
Snack Bar Assistance

Any  Board  Members or Coach can identify the areas of need. Be  willing  to  assist  your  team  at  all  times.  Do not sit back waiting to be asked to help. Set-up,  it takes everyone involved to help the club to operate smoothly and successful.

Why Warm-Up and Down

The  primary  reason  for  this  procedure  is  to  prevent injury. Warming – up   allows   the  muscles  to  gradually  accept   the pressure of maximum use, which prevents  cramping. Cooling- down  allows  the muscles to gradually return to a resting state. When the proper techniques are followed the runner will avoid many injuries and be able to reach his/her full potential.  Get to practice on time.                                    

Note: Proper running shoes are required.  No basketball, sketchers, etc…, and sweats are required.