I here by agree to abide by the code of conduct set forth by this organization, Thimsha Youth Sports. The code of conduct includes but is not limited to the following:

Drugs and Alcohol
Drugs and alcohol, etc., is not permitted (No Exceptions).  Cigarette smokers will refrain from smoking within facilities, where it is prohibited by law.

Confrontation with officials is prohibited.  We will accept their immediate decisions, even if we choose to protest the call at a later date..

Non-constructive criticism
Athletes, parents and others responsible parties must refrain from non-constructive criticism of coaches and athletes of the Thimsha Youth Sports organization or opposing teams by mouth or gestures.

Any conduct that is considered un-sportsman like conduct and or behavior is prohibited.

Purpose of the Code of Conduct?
Please note that this code of conduct is in place not to limit individuals, but are set forth to ensure that we are exposing our young people to a positive and safe   environment.