All members  of  the  Thimsha Youth Sports Club will show respect to other members of the team, be that person an athlete, coach, volunteer, helper or other opposing teams, conference and representatives. 

Discipline problems
Discipline problems are disruptive to the team and will not be tolerated.  Problems can and will lead to dismissal from the team.

Practices Requirements
Practices  ends  at  a specified time.  Parents should arrive about (15)min. before that specified time in order to pick-up their child, so that everyone can leave the practice field on time. All athletes must participate in all phases of the warm-up and cool down at all times.
Each athlete is expected to finish every practice session. If an athlete has to leave early, please get permission from his/her coach.

Coaches' Decisions
The coaching staff will decide in which events the athlete is best suited to complete in. The athlete will have received training in that event before the meet. If the athlete refuses to compete at the request of the coach, then that athlete can be eliminated from competition for that meet.
The coaching staff will decide the make-up and order of relay teams. The athlete’s running ability is one factor.

Sportsmanship, attitude, and the ability to handle the baton are considerations of being part of a relay team. This does not mean the fastest four (4) kids will always be part of a relay team. It means the kids that work together the best will make-up a relay team.

Profanity or deviant attitude / behavior towards meet officials, coaches, teammates, etc…, is not permitted. A violation in this area will result in disqualification from a meet. Repeated violation in the area could result in other disciplinary actions such as dismissal from the club. Unsportsmanlike conduct towards teammates or opponents will be grounds for disqualification from a meet. Athletes should be respectful in all aspect of sports and life. They are encouraged to warmly congratulate the competing athlete’s at the end of a race or event regardless of their finishing position.

We must think of safety first at all times.  Athletes should always  check  their  equipment  and  track  facilities  before they  compete.   If   a   dangerous   condition  is  detected,  it should be reported to a coach or judge immediately.

Coaches and others responsible person (s) will refrain from:
1. DRUGS: refers, alcohol, etc… is not permitted (No Exceptions). Cigarette smokers will refrain from smoking with in the facility (parking lot etc… OK). Appropriate actions will be taken if necessary, Thank You.
2. CRITICIZING ATHLETES in front spectators and teammates. The coach might offer constructive criticism to an athlete in front of the team for everyone’s benefit.
3. CONFRONTATION with officials, we will accept their decision, even if we we choose to protest that call at a later time.
4. CRITICIZING the opposing team (s) its coaches or fans by words or gesture.
5. PERMITTING an athlete that is injured to continue to participate in subsequent events at that meet. Remember;always think of the athlete at all times.
6. Using profanity or abusive language before anyone connected with the event.
Coaches will be alert in keeping their athletes away from any dangerous situations. Coaches will execute their duties in the interest of the athlete and Thimsha Youth Sports.